Pandora: Listent to Free Internet Radio, Find New Music – Just type in an artist or song you like and Pandora responds by playing similiar music. You can give feedback by approving a thumbs up or down and Pandora takes it into account for future songs. You need to register to save your playlists that Pandora creates.
2. Last.fm: The Social Music Revolution – Last.fm is an internet radio site that claims to have over 21 million users. They use a music recommendation system called an Audioscrobbler and build a detailed profile of each user’s taste, based on the songs you choose. They have social networking features and you can save playlists and share once you register.

3. Musicovery: Interactive WebRadio – Musicovery is interactive and customized so you can find music based on which type of mood you are in. According to Wikipedia, this is a good site to find rare and undiscovered music. The more you listen and rate songs, the more personalized it gets. You can just choose the genre of music, 80’s/90’s/etc. and mood. It will then show a graphical mapping display of the songs that will play.

4. G2P (Google to Person) Beta v0.2: Google Helps Me Find the Goods – G2P basically uses advanced Google search functions to help you find directories or shared files. You can search by song, album, software, e-books, ringtones, or prox-ify.
5. Songza: The Music Search Engine & Internet Jukebox - Songza is a big internet search engine that plays the songs and artists you type in by searching files on the net and playing them. It’s not an internet radio station, it specifically plays what you request. You can still rate songs, create playlists and share them.
6. The Hype Machine – The Hype Machine is an MP3 Aggregator. It’s a “one stop shopping of postings from thousands of MP3 Blogs,” according to Wikipedia. It displays the latest songs from the top 25 blogs and consistently updates the entries and songs onto it’s site.

7. Allmusic – Allmusic is a huge metadata database about music. According to Wikipedia, they have over 900 music critics who critique the music and write each artists biographies. They claim to have the largest digital archive and cover art library.

8. Odeo: Search, Discover and Share Digital Media – Odeo is a directory and search site for RSS syndicated audio and video. You can create, record and share podcasts. It searches thousands of sites for audio and videos.
9. Allmusic – Audacity is a free tool that lets you record and edit sounds. It also has features such as multi-track mixing, noise removal, adding effects, etc. It has been downloaded over 40 million times and won the 2007 Community Choice Award for Best Project for Multimedia, according to Wikipedia.

10. uTorrent: The Lightweight and Efficient Bittorrent Client – uTorrent is a freeware client that uses minimal computer resources, is user-friendly and provides high performance and functionality, according to Wikipedia and their webpage.


I also just came across this article, from HowToGeek, which reviews 7 online music stores to determine which is the best. It’s definitely a good relevant article to check out.

Do you have any great music sites or tools you use? Have you used any of the ones covered in this article? I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions or your experience with them.