I’ve recently started to finally work on my Facebook Profile and wanted to share an extensive listing of resources, tools, widgets, etc I’ve searched for and found to assist. I used tools such as delicious, Alexa and Google Search results to obtain the listing below. I’ve attempted to categorize the listing below.

Facebook Apps Directory
25 Facebook Apps Perfect for Online Education

Top 10 Facebook Apps – ReadWriteWeb
101 Facebook Hacks You Never Knew About
150+ Apps, Scripts & Add-ons for Facebook – Mashable
10 Awesome Things Built on Facebook API – Mashable

30+ Awesome Applications for Facebook
Get Productive with the Best Facebook Apps – LifeHacker

Facebook Analytics and Developer Service
Flash Tools that Work With Facebook – zoodu

Top 10 Facebook Widgets – Internet Marketing News and Blog
How to Create Facebook Widgets
5 Favorite Facebook Widgets – PCWorld
Facebook Widgets

Developing Apps
Build Social Applications on Facebook – Facebook Developers
Facebook Developer Tutorials
Facebook Developer Wiki

How to Develop a Hit Facebook App: 29 Essential Tools & Tutorials
Facebook PHP Tutorial

Marketing Your Site with Facebook
Facebook Advertising
The Facebook Marketing Bible: 24 Ways to Market Your Brand
7 Steps to Market Your Facebook Strategy – TechCrunch

100 Tools & Tips. The Facebook Marketing Toolbox – Inside CRM
12 Ways to Use Facebook Professionally

Facebook Widgets Cause Dramatic Traffic Increase
Facebook Widgets Driving Traffic To Sites

Blogs & Information
Facebook Unofficial Fanclub
All Facebook – The Unofficial Facebook Blog
Facebook: The Complete Biography – Mashable
FaceReviews – Facebook News, Application Reviews and Social Networks

I’ve tried to be selective in the sites I listed above. Are there any Facebook Tools or Resources that you recommend, that I haven’t listed above? Do you currently use any of these tools or sites? As always, I’d love to hear from you. Feel free to suggest additional resources.