Update: Not sure what I was counting. There are 31 total themes available, as opposed to 18 I originally posted.

Seconds ago, I went to check my Gmail account for new spam and what do I find? Gmail now provides themes! How cool is this? If you don’t currently use Gmail, I highly recommend it. I’ve had it for about 3 years now and it keeps getting better and better.
Within Gmail, you can now click on “Settings” -> “Themes” Tab. Here are the different themes, thanks to Official Gmail Blog, that you now have have the ability to use.
Of course, this feature is in addition of all the other great stuff Gmail offers. They provide over 7GBs of free storage, a great label system, have voice and video chat features, etc. I recommend checking out The Official Gmail Blog to read about the new themes and other great plugins and features Gmail offers. I’m off to find my new theme. :) I think I’ll go with Ninja, Graffiti or the slick Black theme.