If you’ve ever used Digg, Reddit, Stumbled Upon, Propellor, Yahoo Buzz or some of the other well-known sites available, I’m sure you understand just how addicting using voting features really is. It’s quite a bit of fun to vote for an article you like or submit an article and watch it climb the rank to the front page. This posting is dedicated to all the other lesser know, Digg-Like sites.

Prior to researching this, I really had no clue that there were so many Digg-like sites in existence. I started out with 100 or so and narrowed the list down to the top 60.

Digg-Like General News Sites
1. Plime Vote Up or Down.
2. Digglicious – Mashup of Digg, Delicious & Reddit.
3. Kikono – Kik It.
4. fav.or.it – Favorite stories.
5. coRank – Thumbs up or Thumbs Down. Each user has their own front page.
6. Thrive or Fail – Believe or Doubt, Funny or Lame, etc.
7. Content Pop – Vote for it. Group of communities promoting web content.
8. Newzly – Vote It.
9. Riffs – Riff it up/down.
10. Shoutwire – Shout or Bash

11. folkd – Social network and bookmarks site. Folk It if you like it, or just bookmark it.

Unique, Funny, Etc.
12. Quadriot – Interesting, funny & strange stories. Riot it if you like it.
13. The Best Stuff In The World – Pick from image collection & Best It.
14. UrbanDictionary – Urban dictionary with Thumbs Up or Down.
15. Questionville – Ask or answer questions & vote on the answers.
16. Slantly – Share opinions on various topics, vote for others & engage in debates.
17. SimplyFired - Now this is an entertaining site. SimplyFired allows you to share stories of getting fired and Vote for others. Definitely some interesting stories to read.

Targeted Topic Sites
18. Dig a List – Lists. Submit lists & Click Up or Down.
19. Change.Gov – Political. Change.Gov offers reader input, using a Digg-like system. Submit questions and check or X existing questions to help get the best questions to the top. Here is the previous questions session.
20. g-Log – Geek News. Vote for or Bury random Geek News. Gadgets, technology and humor.
21. Stack Overflow – Programming Questions. Ask or answer programming questions & Vote for or against.
22. Tip’d – Financing, Investing & Business. Submit a story or Tip It.
23. Armchair GM – Sports. Post a story & Score It to help vote other great sports stories.
24. Prayerit – Religious. Prayer It or submit your own prayers.
25. FreshPips – Forex Trading. + Your favorite submissions.
DigStock – Financial News. Tagg It if you like it.
27. Autospies – Auto Enthusiasts. Vote for articles specific to auto enthusiasts.
28. Care2 News Network- Environment, Human Rights, Etc. Promote articles.
29. Daytipper: Tips. Post a tip & the community votes “Yes or No” to determine if it’s Useful.
30. newsgarbage – Technology. Bag it or Bin It.
31. Future Scanner – Future-based News. Vote Up or Down.

Freeware, Software & Apps
Betamarker – Freeware & Software site. Download & Mark It if you like it.
33. I use This MAC OS Software – For Mac OS . Click “I use this”
34. I Use This Iphone Software – For iPhone Apps. Click “I use this.”

35. dZone – Submit links & Vote up or down these various developer’s resources.
36. Developer’s Niche – Another developer’s site that enables you to submit & Vote resources.

37. Pixel Groovy - Pixel Groovy lets you Groove the best tutorials from many different programs (i.e. Photoshop, CSS, Windows, etc).
38. Design Snack – Submit XHTML & CSS website designs and Vote for your favorites.
39. CommandShift3 – CommandShift3 uses a unique system that displays 2 different websites and allows users to click the one they want. Click the one you like better and clicks are tallied on the Best and Worst Page.

40. Design Bump – Click it or X it if you like or dislike any of these submitted designs.
41. picli – Like any creative picture or design, Vote It.

Music, Movies, Games & Books
42. Thesixtyone – Music artists upload their music & you Bump It Up if you like it. Find some of the best undiscovered artists.
43. Cherrypeel – Find songs & artists you’ve never heard of. Your vote gives them points as they climb the charts.
44. itBreaks! - Listen to and Vote for songs that artists upload.
45. CC Hits – If you find a song you like, click “Like It” & watch it rise to the top.
46. Bloodee – Vote if you like these Horror Film related articles, videos, etc.
47. bookrevyoo – Like a book, review it or click “Interested” to watch it rise to the top.
48. FLURL – Site dedicated to videos. Like a video, Thumbs Up or Down.
49. Wordsy – For Books and readers. Word Up.
50. GameRefresh – Play & Vote for various free flash games on the net.
QuickJump – Site dedicated to games, hacks, PSP, etc. Jump It if you like a story.
52. Tribalwar – Site for gaming news. Bump stories if you like them.

Blogging, Internet Marketing, Etc
53. Earners Club – Internet Marketing, Blogging, Making Money Online. Vote or Bury.
54. WpVote
WordPress topics, themes, plugins, news, ressources and hacks. Vote Up.
55. Undrln – Use Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down for this advertising, marketing & design site.
56. Spinn – Sphinn a story it if you like it, with this Internet Marketing site.
57. tagne.ws – Submit & Vote stories in internet marketing, trends, blogging, etc.

58. Dealnews – New feature from Dealnews allows you to vote Good or Bad for each new deal.
Deal Comet -Vote +1 or -1 for Deals & Coupons. See total points for each.
60. dealspl.us – If you like a deal, +Plus It! and watch the point value rise.

“Updated” Great Additions From Reader Feedback
61. BallHypeSports. Hype it up or Vote it down. Mistakenly left this off the list.
62. NoiseAddictsMusic. Social music site for musicians & music lovers. Vote it up.
63. bandBuzz - Music. New & unknown bands. Buzz it to hype up various songs.

Do you have any other great sites that you’d like added to the list? Have you tried any of these sites before? As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts, opinions, etc.