It’s been about a month since I’ve posted a Free TV or Movie related posting. I’ve put my time and energy into the Free Movie Sites A to Z, but thought I was due for publishing some more great sites. This posting is specific to the best free sites to watch live and broadcast live streaming videos and TV online. The listing below is in no particular order since they are all great in their own way. Enjoy!

Choose and Watch – Lets you watch TV online in your browser. The channels are divided by two different menus, TV By Category with 352 channels in 14 categories and TV By Country that features 2033 channels from 147 countries. – This popular site provides a community for people who broadcast. It enables you to watch and interact with live video and has more than 500,000 channels to watch.

FREETUBE – This site specializes in free access to live Internet TV channels, with 11 different categories and 700 total channels.

Channel Chooser – Channel Chooser provides over 3200 channels, featuring television channels, TV-shows, movies and video clips. You can sort by Popular, Views, Ratings, etc.

USTREAM – Similar to Justin TV, Ustream is a live interactive video broadcasting platform, that gives you the ability to broadcast to a global audience.  You can sort through and watch over 1.7 million live broadcasts.

webcastr- This site has more than 110 channels and a large listing of videos. Though it differs in design, it reminds me a bit of YouTube.

123Web TV – Large selection of TV shows, A to Z. The site provides 23 live channels and is displayed in a tvguide format to click and watch.

1st Call Online – This site gives you 32 channel categories and access to more than 1000 total channels to watch television online.

Channel Zapper – Sort channels by 13 categories or a large selection of countries and US States to watch. You can even sort by streaming speeds.

Live Online TV – Provides 15 different tv channel categories and 22 different countries. There are countless subcategories to find the channel that catches your interest.

I found around 25 total free streaming tv sites, but felt those listed above were the best and most reliable. Did I leave out any of your favorites? Do you prefer any of the sites above? I’ve always been a FREETUBE and Justin TV fan, but have also been impressed with USTREAM and a few others listed.