With the special presentation of the new Apple iPad today, I felt compelled to post a hands-on video, that highlights some of the coolest features of the new device. While watching Steve Job’s presentation was pretty cool, I found the Engadget hands-on video to be a little more helpful and interesting. The coolest aspect I’ve seen thus far has been the eBook implementation, which you have to see in the video below.

As referenced on Engadget, “It starts at $499 for 16GB, 32GB for $599, and $699 64GB. Adding 3G costs a $130 per model, so the most expensive model (64GB / 3G) is $829. The WiFi-only model will ship in 60 days, and the 3G models will come in 90.”

So what do you think of the new device? Is it a disapointment? Do you see yourself purchasing one? Though I’d love to have one, I think I’ll hold off until I have $500 or so to spare.