After my initial reaction to the original announcement of the iPad, further research along with the two videos below really sold me on the device. My initial thoughts primarily consisted of me asking the questions why and what’s the purpose. I wanted the iPad to be a replacement for my laptop, but in reality it’s not. I wanted the iPad to replace my iPod Touch, but it won’t.

The iPad isn’t a replacement for any of your current devices. Instead, I see the iPad as a welcome addition to my collection. While many will use the device for different purposes, I’m excited to dig into the available magazine apps, exploring and taking advantage of iBooks and really utilizing the calendar/note organization capabilities.

Games such as Farmville will be amazing on the big screen and over 150,000 Apps are compatible with this device. Before rushing to a decision on whether the device is for you or not, I highly recommend taking a look at the two videos below. The power of this device has me extremely excited for April 3rd.

Apple iPad Overview

Wired Magazine on the iPad, a Video Demonstration

If you want to learn more about the iPad, I highly recommend checking out Mashable’s dedicated iPad page.