Are you feeling a little bored on this Thursday? Or maybe you have some free time to kill this weekend. This sites below are extremely fun and will help keep you entertained for hours. Enjoy!

500+ Free Online Games – This site finds fun games, that cost you nothing, and gives you a direct link to each game. Each link is accompanied by a quick explanation and the duration (i.e., fast) of the game.

Dumpr – Photo Fun – Choose an effect, customize it then upload the photo you want to manipulate. The effects range from Museum to sketch and you can upload to Flickr, Facebook, etc or just grab the embed code.

50 Fun Things to Do With Your iPod – This site gives you some fun alternatives to modifying and just simply playing music with your iPod.

Xtranormal – Make Your Own Movie – Pick the background music, sounds, characters, background and then start writing short scripts. Within the scripts, you can insert animations (i.e. dance moves), change camera angles, facial expressions, etc. You can create your very own movie very easily.

Wayback Machine – Ever wanted to know what Google looked like in 1998? Just type in a URL of your favorite site and you’ll be able to see a large archive of the site you choose. Here is your 1998 Google Webpage. :)

Free Movie Sites A to Z - Not to self-promote, but if you’re looking to stream and watch movies and tv shows, this is where you need to go to find the best.

I am Bored – Ever get bored and search the net for something to do? This site is dedicated to curing your boredom.

80 Optical Illusions – This site gives you 80 optical illusions and visual phenomenas. It also provides explanations and good info.

ANIMOTO – Create a Fancy Slideshow – Upload photos, use your own music & create your video. You can get unlimited Shorts for free.

Big Huge Lab’s Flickr Toys – You can utilize this site with your personal photos to make movie posters, billboards, magazine covers, calendars, cd cover, puzzle, etc. This is a good site for personalized gifts and momentos.

I hope you have fun this weekend, whether it’s at home or on the go. Do you have any other fun sites you’d like to share? I’d love to hear your suggestions.