As we all know, the internet is littered with nonsensical, nonfactual blabber. Finding a site worthy of bookmarking isn’t always easy.  Even sites that are bookmark-worthy don’t always have enough appeal to subscribe to. I personally pick and choose. Like many of you, I don’t have much time on my hands  nor do I want to fill my inbox & RSS reader with junk I rarely read.

Occasionally I’ll find a site that sticks out among the masses…or sometimes the site owners find me. That’s where “The Toilet Paper” comes in. Not only have I subscribed to this site that completely hits on my interests, but am partnering with The Toilet Paper (TTP). I enjoy the site and really look forward to the daily emails they send. If you like EazyCheezy, you’ll definitely enjoy TTP.

The guys at TTP take one intriguing topic per day, then put their own spin on it. The writing is creative and always entertaining. By subscribing to The Toilet Paper, you’ll be joining over 37k readers who get an easily digestible e-mail full of nuggets that relate to the chosen topic. They utilize statistics, quotes, facts and links to give you a quick, fun and interesting dose of a different topic each day. I love the emails and have passed them around to friends. and plan to start printing some out for coworkers to enjoy.

The guys at TTP say it best in their “Our Story” section.

“We don’t lose sleep over taking ourselves too seriously, but we work hard to provide you with provocative, intelligent and reliably good content; stuff fit for the thinking man in everyone.

Be it be ripped from the headlines or the current buzz in pop-culture, we take one interesting news topic each day and put our spin on it. You’ll get the basics boiled down into quickly digestible bits including quotes, facts and cool stats and numbers on the subject.

One e-mail a day.  Whether you laugh, learn something or nod in appreciation, The Toilet Paper will be there for you when you need it most.”

Here’s a screencap of today’s entry…

TTP isn’t limited to just the daily emails. For more great content, be sure to check out The Toilet Paper Blog.

What do you think of TTP? Are you already a subscriber? Well…what are you waiting for? :)