I’m fascinated with the true depth in applications and quite intrigued with both Android devices and the amazing, open Android Market. With the popularity of this post, originally published in January, I thought I’d give it yet another update for Aug 2011. Also check out the category of Android Apps or iPhone Apps, depending on your operating system.

*Updated: January 2013 update! Now includes more than 35 streaming video apps, with updated ratings, direct links and descriptions from AppBrain. To learn more about AppBrain, take a look at the AppBrain review.

Essential Apps

Netflix – 4.3 stars, 61K ratings, >250k downloads

(FREE) “Just download this free app and you can instantly watch TV shows & movies streaming from Netflix.”

Hulu Plus – 3.6 stars, 1K ratings, >250k downloads

(FREE) “Stream thousands of episodes from hundreds of current and classic TV shows and movies to your Android device, computer, TV, and other devices with a Hulu Plus subscription. Download the app now to sample content from our Free Gallery. Subscribe to Hulu Plus for $7.99 a month at http://www.hulu.com/plus”

Crackle – Movies & TV – 3.5 stars, 6K ratings, 250k downloads

(FREE) “Watch FREE movies on your Android phone. PINEAPPLE EXPRESS. MEN IN BLACK. BAD BOYS. GRIDIRON GANG. GLORY. THE PATRIOT. JERRY MAGUIRE and hundreds more: full-length, uncut and FREE. Plus, top rated TV series like SEINFELD.”

jetflicks! TV - 4.5 stars, 250 ratings, 10k – 50k downloads

(FREE) “Jetflicks is the most reliable mobile HD Video On-Demand service available to stream all your favorite TV shows over 3G, 4G, or WiFi internet connection directly to ANY smartphone…. $9.99 monthly, $19.99 tri-monthly, $29.99 semi-annually, $49.99 annually.”

vee – 4.4 stars, 75 ratings, 5k to 10k downloads

(FREE) “Watch live broadcast on your handset 24/7 for free.”

FOX News - 3.8 stars, 13k ratings, >250k downloads

(FREE) “Introducing the first and only news application for Android from the #1 name in news, the FOX News Channel. With the FOX News Android App – receive FOX News Alerts, read headline news stories, stream the latest video clips, listen to FOX News Radio, and browse through photo galleries, all for FREE!”

How To Videos from Howcast.com – 4 stars, 2k ratings, >250k downloads

(FREE) “Howcast for Android shows you fun, useful how-to videos wherever you are — when you’re out and about or just too lazy to get to your computer.”

NFL Sunday Ticket – 3.7 stars, 2k ratings, >250k downloads

(FREE) “Watch Live streams of every NFL SUNDAY TICKET™ game & Red Zone Channel(Requires NFL Sunday Ticket To-Go subscription)”

TV.com – 3.8 stars, 35k ratings, >250K downloads

(FREE) “TV.com brings personal TV to your phone on WiFi and cellular networks. Access the videos you want anywhere you go including full episodes…and it’s free! Get video from CBS, The CW, CNET, ET, Showtime, CBS News, CBS Sports and much more! Watch your favorite shows anywhere, anytime on TV.com. No subscription fees apply.”

NASA App – 4.3 stars, 2300 ratings, >250k downloads

(FREE) “Come explore with NASA and discover a huge collection of stunning images, videos, mission information, news, NASA TV and featured content with the new NASA App for Android.”

VEVO – 4.1 stars, 23k ratings, >250k downloads

(FREE) “Discover, watch & share your favorite music videos wherever you want, whenever you want. Use voice-activated search to find your favorite artist or song, be the first to see exclusive new video premieres and watch live streaming concerts.”

DoggCatcher - 4.5 stars, 4500 ratings, 10k to 50k downloads

($6.99) “Manage your podcasts and RSS/news feeds with the most highly rated Podcatcher in the Market. Podcast – Audio and Video.”

Giant Bomb Beta (FREE) 4.6 stars, 700 ratings, 10k – 50k downloads

(FREE) “Get the latest video game reviews, info, videos and more from GiantBomb!”

Notable Apps

Arabic Cartoons - 4.5 stars, 1K ratings, 50k to 250k downloads

(FREE) “Watch Captain Majed, Nimer moqana3, Sasuki and more of popular Arabic-dubbed anime!”

UStream Broadcaster – 3.9 stars, 4600 ratings, 250k downloads

(FREE) “The Ustream Broadcaster for Android allows users to stream live mobile video to Ustream from their devices via 3G or WiFi or record high-quality videos offline and upload to Ustream later.”

EZ Stream TV for Android – 3.9 stars, 190 ratings, 1k to 5k downloads

($7.50) “EZ Stream has a stored database of all the major TV Series, from all time, a total of 2,340 titles are available.”

ImgoTV – 4.1 stars, 900 ratings, 50k to 250k downloads

(FREE) “ImgoTV is an online-videos and network-on-demand platform that offers commercial-supported streaming video of TV shows and movies from GBS and many other networks and studios. We provide best Internet, Mobile 3G, IPTV service, contains NEWS, TV Play, Movie, Music video and TV Show.”

SPB TV 2 – 3.8 stars, 9900 ratings, >250k downloads

(FREE) “Use SPB TV to watch live and video-on-demand TV channels on your device. You can use a 3G or Wi-Fi connection. More than 150+ channels from 20+ countries. No subscription fee! ”

CNLive – 3.9 stars, 5k ratings, >250k downloads

(FREE) “Dopool TV is an app which provides hundreds of live video and audio programs, for enjoying and sharing. All the satellite channels, local programs including news, sports, films, entertainment, documentation, education, and food can be watched on Dopool TV. ”

Online Sports – 4.4 stars, 220 ratings, 10k to 50k downloads

(FREE) “Watch online matches from livetv.ru and rojadirecta.es on your mobile. Online Sports shows you the matches listed on the web pages. Will find you the ones you could see (wont appear P2P links nor Bwin links, for example). Also shows you, if avalible, the language of the broadcast, the quality, and will open it in fullscreen directly.”

QVC – 3.6 stars, 1700 ratings, >250k downloads

(FREE) “Take the Q with you – fashion, beauty, jewelry, electronics, and more! Speed Buy® in stock & Wait listed items, Today’s Special Value®, One Time Only Values, Item On Air, Items Recently On Air, Full 16:9 HD live stream, Customer ratings & reviews, Search by category, Create an account and Order status.”

Rev3Remote - 4.5 stars, 340 ratings, 10k to 50k downloads

(FREE) “Helps you keep track of all your favorite shows on the Revision3 network. Find all the latest show updates, keep track of your favorites, and enjoy streaming video with saved progress!”

TED Mobile 4.1 stars, 2400 ratings, >250k downloads

(FREE) “TED Mobile allows you to watch the latest TED videos based on Themes, Talks and Tags.”

WEEI Live – 4 stars, 450 ratings, 10k to 50k downloads

(FREE) “The WEEI Live Android app is now available. Features Live Streaming, Audio & Video on Demand, Breaking News, Live Scores, Columns & Blogs.”

FUEL TV – 3.2 stars, 600 ratings, 50k to 250k downloads

(FREE) “FUEL TV is the only sports and entertainment television network inspired by a new generation of adrenaline and thrill-seeking sports where the consequences of failure are real and risk is the only rule. The FUEL TV app brings it all to your mobile: 9 video channels, live event streaming, news, TV show info, PhotoBlog, Ringtones/Wallpapers & more.”

KidsTv - 3.4 stars, 570 ratings, 50k to 250k downloads

(FREE) “Kids Tv – Kids Videos made simple. Simple way to watch Kids Videos. Watch continuous stream of kids favourite shows like Barney, Dora, Rhymes, cartoons and lots more. Kid friendly – Easy to use by kids and Fun to watch. Lets your kid learn and play.”

Stream Media Player – 3.5 stars, 1400 ratings, >250k downloads

(FREE) “Stream Media Player is an application that provides the ability to play video from web cameras, watch Internet TV, and play locally stored files.”

theChanner – TV goes social – 3.4 stars, 830 ratings, 50k to 250k downloads

(FREE) “Love TV? theChanner is the way to enjoy live Internet TV and take part in it. Discover your next favorite song watching NRJ Hits and tweet it! Watch and compare news from a different perspective with Press TV and France 24, and share your opinion on Facebook. Give your say to a broadcaster, tag a channel, and write a better profile to help the community identify each channel. Or, just follow your financial news with Bloomberg or enjoy watching TV Scuba and Massive Mag Xtreme Sports. TV goes social and theChanner is a mobile Internet TV tuner where you influence the television for the future.”

Other Apps Worth Checking Out

Buzey Tunes – 4 stars, 80 ratings, 10k to 50k downloads

(FREE) “Free music videos (over 20,000 of them), radio stations and mp3s streaming to your phone. (Requires the Adobe Air Runtime).”

WatchESPN - 2.6 stars, 2400 ratings, >250k downloads

(FREE) “Stay connected to live sports and shows from ESPN – wherever and whenever you want them. Download the FREE WatchESPN app to your Android device and get 24/7 access to live streaming feeds from ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3 and ESPNU.”

FilmOn - 3.2 stars, 15 ratings, 1k to 5k downloads

(FREE) “Watch Free live TV in HD on demand, with the convenience of an app. The ultimate virtual TV experience. Select from thousands of movies, linear channels and live user generated broadcast. If you can mix Live TV, Facebook, YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Ustream and JustinTV in one, you get FilmOn.”

Youtube Stream – 3.6 stars, 700 ratings, 50k to 250k downloads

(FREE) “Search & play Youtube videos continuously. Offline playing from cache.”

Crystal TV – 3.3 stars, 3200 ratings, 50k to 250k downloads

(FREE) “Crystal TV is television box in your pocket. Powered by Crystal adaptive bitrate switching technology it presents TV channels with crystal clear picture. NOTE: Only Russian channels.”

Gizmo - 4.5 stars, 190 ratings, 10k to 50k downloads

(FREE) “Stream music, video, and photos from J. River Media Center to your Android. Or control playback of MC library on your TV. DLNA Controller plays to any DLNA device. JRMC required on server ($49.98).”

SC2Casts - 4.6 stars, 430 ratings, 10k to 50k downloads

(FREE) “You know Starcraft 2 right? But did you know it’s an actual professional sport, where pro players are battling each other in big tournaments for huge amounts of money and fame? It’s also quite spectacular to watch. It’s actually sometimes televised, and there are real TV channels out there, dedicated to broadcasting Starcraft 2 events.”

Universal Manga - 4 stars, 210 ratings, 10k to 50k downloads

(FREE) “Fan of Naruto, Bleach and One Piece? Latest episode video streaming(HD), last scan, now in English, good connections to the network is recommended. For One Piece: touch screen and slide it upwards. To change the page pressing left and right sides of the screen.”

Looking for Apps in the Android Market can be a bit overwhelming since the pool of Apps is growing exponentially. This gives me a very good excuse to continue to cover all the best Android Apps. Expect to see quite a few Android related posts in the near future. What’s your favorite App? Did I miss any that deserve a mention?


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