Spending your hard earned cash on apps can get a little pricey, but you don’t have to pay. Not only is the Android Market packed full of free high quality apps, but sometimes developers slash the price to make their app free. Below is a quick list of apps you can now snag for free.

Note: Descriptions and information provided by AppBrain.com.

ADW pink theme ($0.99 to Free)

Pink Glowing dockbar/searchbar and icon pack. Very pretty and very girly looking theme. 2 different dockbar colors! Landscape is purple. Includes 7 Beautiful wallpapers that enhance the beauty of the colors in this theme.

Android Vision TV Pro ($4.99 to Free)

Watch your favorite TV Series straight from you android device! Always up to date with the most popular shows. We accept requests to add the shows that you like. Soon will accept all android devices! Soon will allow users to use HDMI Out to view on television!!! Yearly fee $4.99.

Doublemill (Free)

The famous Nine Men’s Morris game in the palm of your hand. The game features local player vs player, player against AI and and even an online gaming mode! Play with people from all around the world to score more points or simply enjoy a round of Nine Men’s Morris, Morris, Mill, Mills, Merels, Merelles or Merrills.

Tesla Plushies ($1.11 to Free)

Help the plushies to the goal by guiding them with your finger. Tap on any wall to attract nearby plushies, while avoiding dark flickering haze. This version features 34 levels divided into three difficulties; easy, medium and hard. Also featured is 7 tutorial-levels on how to play the game.

ZombieBooth ($1.40 to Free)

ZombieBooth transforms you and your friends into horrific 3D zombies that moan and groan looking for human flesh. From a single portrait photo, you can instantly create an interactive zombie that will react to your tapping and swiping gestures – it might even try to bite off your finger! You can also shake the phone to transform into different zombies.

My favorite from the list is ZombieBooth. Have you tried any of the apps above? Do you typically pay for your Android apps? Let me know what you think.