When it comes to entertainment, your Android sure can help you out in a bind. Whether it’s waiting in a long line, traveling or simply just looking to have a little fun at home or on the go, there are countless entertainment apps that cost you nothing.

Today’s focus is on music. Everyone loves music, but paying more than $1 per track can get expensive. The apps below utilize public domains and other sources to deliver your favorite songs directly to your Android device.

Free Music Download

This app lets you search music by keywords or by what’s hot. “What’s Hot!” breaks down categories by top tracks, artists, tags, country and more. Choices are to preview the track or to download it to your library. You get music information and one or more download links to choose from. The app also features a ringtone maker that retrieves both downloaded music and tracks already in your library.

Mp3 Music

With Mp3 Music, you can search by keyboard or find tracks by searching the Billboard charts. Once you find a track to download, you can preview it before downloading. Once downloaded, the track appears in “my music.” The app includes the ability to create a ringtone from all tracks on your device.

MP3 Music Download

Search music by keyword, find top tracks by charted categories such as UK Singles, European and American Pop, Japan and South Korea Pop, Rap Music and several more. Though it doesn’t have the prettiest interface, it’s deep in options providing the ability to edit tags, make ringtones and share with “send to.”

MP3 Music Download Power

The app has one of my favorite interfaces, but comes with a few annoyances when launching the app. Search a track, artist or album or click on “list” to access countless weekly charts that include iTunes, Billboard, UK Chart, Popular Bands, Top Songs By Year and more. You can click “playing now” to preview or download to your library. Once downloaded, the “library” tab lets you sort by songs, artists, all played and even mark and access favorites. This app doesn’t offer a ringtone maker.

MP3 Music Downloader

This app lets you search for music by keyword, but doesn’t provide charts or too many other features that the other apps listed offer. However, many tracks do have lyrics displayed. You can play, download and share tracks.

Have you used any of the apps listed above? Did I miss any of your favorites? Let me know what you think.