While your Android device provides some somewhat decent default ringtones, we all want to personalize our phones. The Android Market and Amazon App Store for Android provides some free solutions for ringtones and notifications. The free ringtone apps in the list below will let you create your own ringtones or choose from countless sounds and tones.

Here is the quick AppBrain list of all these outstanding free ringtone apps:

Zedge Ringtones & Wallpapers

Zedge is a nice combination application that features a huge collection of ringtones and HD wallpapers shared by 19 million Zedge members and optimized for your device. Apply ringtones and sound bytes to your contacts, messages, alarms and alerts. Zedge is my pick for best selection of ringtones.


Ringdroid is a ringtone editor for your Android device. You can edit music MP3s on your device or record a new one from your device.  You can also record a new ringtone directly from your Android phone. This is a must-have app for Android users.

Shuffle Tone 2.0

Shuffle Tone 2.0 provides the variety you’ve been looking for. Utilizing playlists of ringtones, you can have different sounds shuffled for your calls and text messages. This is the answer for users who get bored easily with their ringtones.

MP3 Ringtone Maker

MP3 Ringtone Maker provides a large assortment (millions) of ringtones and sounds. In addition to the large library of popular MP3 ringtones you can choose from, you can create your own ringtones from MP3 sound files.

Group Ringtones

While the other apps listed help you find great ringtones, create your own and even shuffle, Group Ringtones adds functionality by giving you the ability to assign ringtones to different contact groups. You can set a different notification sound for your friends, family, coworkers or whichever groups and all your other groups.

Of the list, Ringdroid and Zedge are my personal must-have apps, but the others listed are outstanding in their own right. What do you use to get or create ringtones on your Android device?

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