(Updated 2 Jul 2011) While the Android Market and Amazon App Store is flooded with Android Apps, the cream will always rise to the top. To be among the most popular, you’ve got to be the best. Apps gain popularity through user ratings, word of mouth and being free never hurts either. The five apps below are the current all-time leaders as most popular Android Apps of all-time, per AppBrain.

The list includes all categories of apps, but as you’ll see below each of the apps on the current list all fall within the gaming category.

1. Angry Birds (Game)

The Angry Birds craze continues to captivate smartphone users across the globe. This challenging physics-based games provides 255 levels of enjoyment as you take revenge on greedy pigs. Each bird offers a different ability. Since the launch in October 2010, the developers have pushed countless updates improving gameplay and adding several levels.

2. Paradise Island (Game)

In Paradise Island, you’ll create new buildings and plants on the Island to build the city of your dreams. You’ll expand your property by purchasing more land and build the ultimate destination for tourists. Build hotels, casinos, restaurants and more.

3. Ant Smash (Games)

Ant Smash is quite simple, yet extremely addicting. Squish the ants with your finger and share your scores with your Facebook and Twitter friends.

4. Wordfued FREE (Games)

Wordfued FREE is a multi-player puzzle game that you can play with friends on either the Android or iPhone platform. You can play up to 30 games simultaneously. Similar to scrabble, Wordfeud FREE lets you place words and score using Double Letter, Double Word, Triple Letter and Triple Word tiles. This game offers chat and the ability to randomize the board and scoring tiles.

5. Angry Birds Rio (Games)

Angry Birds Rio takes your favorite birds to Rio de Janeiro. The Angry Birds have been kidnapped, but escape to save their friends Blu and Jewel. The game offers four episodes with 105 levels, special achievements, hidden fruits and hours of entertainment.

What do you think of the list? Which apps are your favorites?