In my latest exploration for more music mashups, I came across the mother load. While I typically grab all my mashups for free, I couldn’t pass up GoodBlimey’s collection of 2748 music mashup MP3s. To have access to download all seven volumes that contain almost 20GBs of music, you’ll first need to donate $15 to GoodBlimey. Upon making the payment, you get a link to the files along with a login and password.

After dropping $15, I was a little hesitant about the quality of mashups but have been pleasantly surprised so far. While it will take quite some time to listen to all that music, I’ve filled up my iPod and have liked most of the first 40 or so tracks I’ve heard.

If you’re a mashup fan and are looking for the mother load, it’s worth the $15. However, if you aren’t looking to spend any money, I recommend checking out my personal go-to sources Bootie Blog and Mashup-Charts – Feed Your Pod.