Update: 31 Oct 2011 @ 10 pm EST, agreement reached! No interruption!

If you’ve watched any of your favorite shows on FX lately, chances are you’ve seen anti-DirecTV ads about FX and FOX Network channels being taken off the air for DirecTV subscribers beginning November 1st. DirecTV and FOX Network are in a heated battle over carriage fees. If not resolved by November 1st, shows such as It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, American Horror Story and Sons of Anarchy, along with content from FOX Network channels would be taken off the air with remaining episodes going unaired.

Both DirecTV and News Corp have dedicated sites to tell you “the truth.” However, “the truth” doesn’t quite match as you’ll find by visiting each respective site.

DirecTV’s Side Of The Story

DirecTV’s site is OurPromiseToYou.com, where they provide a short video clip from spokesman Mike White along with seven different “Fox myths,” they claim News Corp is telling its’ subscribers. Along with the “Fox myths” are the “DirecTV Truths.” DirecTV claims the following…

  • FOX, NFL on FOX, local FOX stations, and the Fox News Channel are not part of the contract dispute, so you’ll get to watch all shows on these channels without interruption.
  • Switching to another provider will help FOX charge a higher price no matter who you get your service from.
  • They are sticking by their statement that News Corp is asking for a 40% increase
  • DirecTV says they are willing to keep the prices/terms for their customers the same

FOX and News Corp’s Side Of The Story

In the other corner is FOX and News Corp, who have had show creators and stars help paint a different picture. Glee and American Horror Story creators Brad Falchuk and Ryan Murphy have urged fans to visit KeepMyNets.com, where they tell their own story.

  • In some markets you may lose your local FOX station and later lose FOX News Channel.
  • They offered to keep the channels on during the negotiations and DirecTV said No.
  • DirecTV’s claim that they are asking for a 40% increase is false.
  • DirecTV launched a public attack before allowing them to respond


While there is quite a bit of pressure on both sides to come to settle, DirecTV is known for playing hardball as they previously have done displayed with earlier Versus negotiations.

Some of my favorite shows are on FX, so losing Sons of Anarchy, American Horror Story and It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia would be a major blow to me and many others.

What do you think about the dispute? Will it be resolved before November 1st? If not, who do you think is at fault?