pzizz ($4.99 in the Android Market) is an Android app that offers unique audio soundtracks to help with both insomnia and taking naps. Pzizz is also available on the iPhone, PC, Mac and in downloadable tracks. For the purpose of this review, I used the Android App.

Being that I don’t suffer with insomnia, I’m probably not the most ideal person to be providing this review. I have no trouble falling asleep but find that spoken words personally interrupt my ability to sleep as I’m caught listening to the words. However, we are all different and the calming and relaxing spoken words is therapeutic for many. Also, in my research I found several people who pzizz has helped. With that said, let’s continue on with the review.

Pzizz uses a patented audio algorithm that generates  a new audio track with each use. Upon launching pzizz, you’ll start at the home screen. The home screen provides two distinct modes in “sleep” and “power nap.” Once you’ve opened the sleep or power nap module, you’ll find two tabs to the bottom in Player and Settings. The various settings let you enable a countdown timer so you can see how much time is left in your current session, change the duration of your session, pick from seven different backgrounds and enable an alarm.

For Power Naps, you can set the session duration between 10 and 90 minutes, while Sleep lets you change the duration from 15 minutes to 8 hours. You can modify the settings after hitting the play button, but I noticed when I hit play first then changed the settings that it still showed my previous set time on the countdown clock. I recommend getting all your settings setup before hitting the play button to avoid the session not updating.

The soundtrack uses a calming voice to instruct you on how to progressively relax your body and mind. The background music and sounds are very calming and relaxing and I can see how this app can be very effective.

However, I’ve found some limitations and ways to improve the app that I’d like the developer to consider.

Options I’d like included are the ability to choose a male or female voice, adjust the voice and music volumes and to choose to toggle off either voice or music. As mentioned, I have difficulty sleeping with the voice. If I had the ability to turn off the voice, I could still use the app and take advantage of the background music.  I also believe many may prefer a woman’s voice, as opposed to the male voice loaded with the app. One big limitation is the inability to continue your session after hitting the stop button. Once you hit the stop button, hitting play again will restart your session.

I’m not too fond of is the price, which will cost you $4.99. But if this app helps you sleep and improve your overall well being, that’s a small price to pay. Do you have problems getting to sleep? If you’ve tried pzizz, I’d love to hear your thoughts.