Recently I published an article, Five Most Shared iPhone Apps This Week, highlighting some of the most shared app, courtesy of one of my favorite new iPhone Apps, Kinetik. While the app is already a fantastic way to share and find some great apps, the Kinetik team has some great updates on the way.

Here are the updates that are scheduled to launch next week. They should help make Kinetik even better

  • Improvements to the People section
  • New ways for users to be featured
  • Addition of #hashtags and @mentions to improve content discoverability and user interaction

Kinetik, Free at the iTunes App Store, has an outstanding interface and in my opinion is currently one of the best ways to find great apps. While the app is one of the better new apps I’ve seen in the last few months, it’s 100% dependent on user engagement. Check out Kinetik and start sharing your favorite apps. They are also askingĀ supportive users to share apps you look forward to using with the new iPhone by including the hashtag #iPhone5 on both Kinetik and Twitter so so they can feature your shares.