There is no better way to welcome your office buddy back to work than to unleash an assault on them when they are least expecting it? If you’re like me, you have a locker full of toys to get the job done. My personal arsenal of weapons consists of a marshmallow gun with plenty of tasty ammunition, an air gun and a few other tricks up my sleeve. Here’s a few toys that will catch them off guard.

The ThinkGeek EvilTron  $9.99 (currently out of stock, but will be in 1-3 weeks)

Just a bit bigger than a quarter, the EvilTron is a sneaky little device to scare or atleast annoy coworkers. It offers five different preset sounds along with random. The sounds include my favorite (and the most effective in my testing) a whispering voice that goes off every few minutes asking the unknowing victim “hey, can you hear me”. With the small size and magnetized back, you can hide the EvilTron just about anywhere. I can tell you from experience that it’s best used in a quiet environment such as an office occupied by one person, a car or even a bedroom. My EvilTron spooked a few people before it was smashed off the wall after scaring the wrong person. :) Here are the different sounds available with the EvilTron…
  • Something unsettling creaking
  • Unidentifiable scratching sounds
  • Gasping last breath
  • Sinister child laughing
  • Eerie whispering of ‘hey, can you hear me?’
  • Random Mode

 Marshmallow Blaster ($27.99 at ThinkGeek)

My favorite geeky toy has to be the Marshmallow Blaster. Though you can only fire one marshmallow at a time, this geeky gun packs a punch firing up to 40 feet away. Just load the marshmallow and pump the gun 10 to 12 times then fire away. Nothing breaks office tensions like the Marshmallow Blaster. Don’t let your marshmallows dry out too much or you’ll get a little more of a bite with the shot. I felt a dry marshmallow at close range across the side of the face. Good times.

Phantom Keystroker V2 ($12.49 at Amazon)

The Phantom Keystroker V2 is a tiny flashdrive looking device to prank your coworkers with. Simply plug it into their computer’s USB port and prepare to be entertained. The keystroker will make random mouse movements, type strange garbage text and phrases. You can set the device to select garbage typing, caps lock, annoying mouse movements or use all three. You can also set the duration between events. The device works with any OS, but caps-lock doesn’t work on Mac.

Parking Tickets ($2.99 at Amazon)

In addition to attacking the cubicles, another ideal area to prank your coworkers is in the parking lot. How many parking tickets can you write for your coworker before they catch on? Give them some tickets and watch them sweat it out.

Liquid Ass ($5.13 at Amazon)

So, the cubicles are covered and you’ve already hit the parking lot. What else can you get your friends and coworkers with? How about their sense of smell? A little Liquid Ass will go a long way. This horrible smelling fart spray is highly concentrated and “smells like ass.”

“Once unleashed, this power-packed, super-concentrated liquid begins to evaporate filling the air with a genuine, foul butt-crack smell with hints of dead animal and fresh poo. The funny pranks you can pull with Liquid ASS are unlimited. Watching the facial grimaces of people and hearing their comments about the part-your-hair, gagging stench will have you laughing until it hurts.”

What’s your favorite prank to play on coworkers and friends? Have you tried any of the geeky office toys above?