With baseball season upon us, many of our lives will be consumed with America’s past-time. While watching a major league game on TV may not be your thing, just about everyone looks forward to watching our children, brothers, sisters, nephews, nieces, cousins and friends play in their T-ball, little league and high school game.

Baseball gives kids the opportunity to stay active, learn to work with a team and an opportunity to shine. We all want our kids to improve and tap into their potential. That’s what today’s post is all about.

These apps below are great for coaches or the coach in you. You can scorekeep and help improve a variety of techniques with these excellent apps.

GameChanger Baseball Scorekeeping/Softball Scorekeeping (Free)

This useful app simplifies the process of scorekeeping, provided you keep your iPad out of the sun. Create everything you need from teams, schedules, rosters and lineups. If you need to tweak the lineup, you can edit your roster and use substitutions. The app lets you paint the in-game picture with the ability to drag advancing runners and defensive players where the ball was fielded. You can view live scores, pitch counts and play-by-play recaps. There are several other features, along with the ability to share your updates via email, text, Facebook and Twitter.

ESPN iScore Baseball Scorekeeper for iPad ($9.99)

ESPN iScore Baseball Scorekeeper is another great scorekeeper app, that makes it easier to track baseball and softball games so you can manage your teams, rosters and lineups. Record every pitch to include the location, type of pitch, speed and more. In addition you can track your hits and every play, to include stolen bases, pick-offs and more. Use TwitterCast to let others keep tabs on the game in real-time, from anywhere in the world. The scorebook is automatically generated and you can export all your stats via Excel, CSV and HTML format.

Baseball Coach Plus HD ($2.99)

Baseball Coach Plus HD is a tool to help you develop as a player. The app uses video coaching to give immediate visual feedback during training sessions and competitions. Record video and replay batting, pitching and fielding in real-time or in slow motion (frame-by-frame). You can compare the recorded video side-by-side with the techniques demonstrated. The app consists of 10 technique reference video clips, 2 tutorial clips, a speedometer to measure pitch speeds and more.

Pitching Hand: How to Throw a Pitch ($1.99)

This app is simple, yet useful if you’re trying to add a few pitches to your collection. By using pictures and descriptions, the app shows you exactly how to hold the ball (both left and right hand) and throw 20 of the most common pitches.

The pitches within the app include a 2-Seam Fastball, 4-Seam Fastball, Split Finger Fastball, Tailing Fastball, Beginners Curveball, Straight Curveball, Knuckle Curveball, 12-6 Curveball, Forkball, Screwball, Slider, Palmball, 3 Finger Changeup, Circle Changeup, 2-Seam Cutter, 4-Seam Cutter, Knuckleball, Slurve, Gyroball and The Eephus.

Extra Innings Mobile Instructor ($4.99)

Extra Innings Mobile Instructor is another app to help you improve your technique. Similar to Baseball Coach Plus, this app has a video analysis tool but adds value with the ability draw freehand, write notes and more overlaying the screencaps. Save recorded video, send it to the player or coach, add a title card and summary screen and even use voice over.