This world is full of beauty; wherever you look you see nature’s blessing upon mankind. Human beings are also provided with an art to try and invent gorgeous looking and beautiful things that gets people attracted to it. One of man’s prettiest inventions known as an iPhone is more than enough to make people forget everything else around it. iPhone has had a similar effect on young teenagers who can’t let go of their iPhone at any cost. Such an attitude turns out to be of great concern for the parents and they need the help of an iPhone spy app to keep a close eye on their child’s cell phone activities.

What does StealthGenie do?

StealthGenie turns out to be a great asset for parents by providing them access to all the data inside their child’s iPhone. This software runs secretly in the back of your child’s cell phone and does not let anybody find out about it. It covers really less space in the cell phone of your teenager and does not even disrupt any functions of their iPhone. All the iPhone models with an operating system of iOS 4.0 or above work brilliantly with StealthGenie.

Call records:

StealthGenie provides parents the ability to access all the calls dialed, received and even missed by their child on their cell phone. Parents can even record all the calls if they want to. All you need to do is log-in to your online StealthGenie account with the help of your User ID and password and you get to view the entire cell phone data of your child within seconds.

Record surroundings and Phone data:

The ‘Live Surroundings’ feature of StealthGenie provides parents with the ability to record the surrounding sounds of their child’s iPhone whenever they want to. Parents can also view all the Video files, Audio files and Pictures inside the cell phone of their child.

Greatest creations:

StealthGenie keeps a keen eye on the cell phone activities of teenagers and helps parents fulfill their parental responsibilities. This iPhone spy app is indeed one of man’s greatest inventions.
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