Now that you have your swanky new Android device you need to get the free apps that are compatible with it in order to have more fun. Here are some popular apps that you can download free of charge. These apps are optimized for tablets that run Ice Cream Sandwich.

 Pulse News

Download this app and change the favorite websites into better looking, and more colorful mosaics that are interactive. In order to read an article, you just need to tap on it and get a stunning view of the story. You also have the option of saving the stories to read them later on any platform or simply sync the stories with Instapaper. If you come across an interesting bit of news, share it with your friends on Twitter and Facebook, or have it emailed.



Dropbox is another free service that you must have. With the help of Dropbox you can move your favorite videos, memorable photos, and other important documents wherever you please. Once you successfully install Dropbox on your tablet, it automatically is installed on your PC, laptop and the even the Dropbox site. Access everything you have saved while on the go.




You can now transfer any file to your tablet that has Android through WiFi while you are on the move. You can even use your web browser to do it. All you need as a bridge between your phone and your tablet or computer is WiFi; what’s more, it is faster than transferring through Bluetooth or an USB cable. You do not have to worry anymore about unsaved documents or files while you are on the move.



Angry Birds in Space

It is quite unthinkable to own an Android tablet without having Angry Birds installed. That is how popular and addictive it is. The game shows a giant claw poised to kidnap the eggs and face the wrath of the Angry Birds. The chase leads the birds into a wormhole that ultimately opens into an all-new galaxy that is populated with space pigs. The slowmotion puzzles and the ultrafast destruction will certainly thrill you and keep you glued to the screen.



Racing Moto

Have your hair streaming behind making believe that you are speeding recklessly with this fast-paced and easy to understand game. This fast-paced racing game will give you the thrills you never experienced before. One cannot imagine such speeds in real time even in a track. You will navigate in the thick of rush hour traffic and navigate without crashing. Tapping your tablet to increase the speed is certainly thrilling.



Google Body

Did you ever wonder about the structure or anatomy of your body? Well wonder no more as you get a 3D view of your entire body – complete with all organs and parts displayed in detail. Zoom in and navigate to explore your own body and make startling discoveries. By simply clicking you can identify the anatomy or look for muscles, tendons, bones and organs.  The app that lets you learn a lot is Google Body.



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